Dalek Who

Written by Andrew Ellard for Channel 4’s Mashed channel.


Written by Andrew Ellard and The Cast   Produced by Anne Henry     Directed by Dominic Brigstocke

A group of foreigners. A cramped flat. A sitcom where worlds collide. Denmark, South Africa, Ireland, Canada, Dagenham... They're not from around here, but that's the least of their worries. Thee mini-episodes for Channel 4's Comedy Blaps.

Andrew talking to Chortle about the show.


Written by Andrew Ellard     Directed by Gez Medinger and Robin Schmidt

Five young people wake up dead, but start seeking a way out of a hellish afterlife. A character-driven horror-thriller released in October 2015.

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Download the final pre-shoot draft of AfterDeath (PDF).

"Truly iconoclastic" - Little White Lies

"Like if JB Priestley has written lost. Stunning atmospheric location and great script." - Chris Lincé, Twitter


"A claustrophobic mystery with vivid characters, it has...daring theology, dark humour and plenty of clever, surprising twists." - Kim Newman, Empire Magazine

"Memorably nightmarish...refreshingly intelligent" - Afraid of the Dark

"Andrew Ellard has penned a provocatively blasphemous head trip masquerading as a cabin-in-the-woods horror." - Screen Relish

Written by Andrew Ellard     Directed by Martin Stirling

Winner of the Sci-Fi London 48 Hour Film Challenge, 2012. Written and made in just two days.

"Terrific. Really clever and really sad" - Steven Moffat

Written by Adam Rutherford, Andrew Ellard, Tracy King

Promotional video. 'ENCODE and the Human Genome'.


Sitcom pilot for radio. Starring Hils Barker and Tom Price. With Chris Barrie, Hattie Hayridge and Eleanor Wyld, featuring Matthew Crosby. Right-click the title to download.

What makes a good sitcom character? How important is structure? The most common problems in sitcom script and one top tip.

Also available on the BBC Writers Room.

Writer/Director Daley Pearson comperes a Q&A from August 16, 2016. Hosted by Screen Australia, Screen Queensland and Ludo Studio.

Talking sitcom with the geeks, including Outsiders and Chewing Gum. Continues with listener questions in Part Two.

Also available on iTunes.

Andrew joins Tim Clauge and Danny Stack for an hour of script writing and editing talk.

Also available on iTunes.

Discussing everything from audience sitcom to DVD shelving via Red Dwarf, The IT Crowd, AfterDeath, Chewing Gum and the vague yet necessary task of finding the writer's voice. Continues in part two.

Also available on iTunes.

Comedian Simon Caine interviews members of the industry with the aim of helping performers and writers understand what's happening behind the scenes and how to get ahead.

Also available on iTunes.


Selected instalments from the complete ‘Making Of’ DVD series.

Directed by Andrew Ellard.